Tips on Staying Active

Being a college student can get a little hectic sometimes. From classes, extracurriculars, or maybe even a job, it could get difficult trying to find time for physical fitness. Below are a few tips to help manage a busy schedule and get a workout in. 

1.ELEVATORS VS STAIRS- A good way to get a little exercise in without too much effort is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. May not seem like much, but it'll definitely benefit your health in the long run. 

2. WALK FARTHER- If you drive to school, consider parking farther away from your classes. This way you are spending more time walking and being active, opposed to being sedentary in the car. There is a certain amount of steps that we should reach each day and this would contribute to that goal.

3. FITNESS CLASSES- There are many fitness classes available at the university. Many activities are offered through these classes. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or even advanced, the classes are open to everybody.

4. WORKOUT WITH A PARTNER- Usually it is easier for us to partake in physical activity when we have someone to exercise with. Find someone who you would enjoy having as a workout buddy. You can also find group fitness classes, so that you're exercising and socializing with multiple people.

5. TAKE BREAKS- Find times throughout the day or in between classes to interrupt the sedentary behavior. We're constantly in our seats, either studying or listening to a lecture, find some time to get up and stretch or walk around.